Our Station

Aileron Station: a proud tradition of quality with a sustainability outlook

Aileron Station is a cattle property located in the traditional lands of the Anmatjere People. Our historic homestead is located 130km North of Alice Springs with the property evenly dissected by the Stuart Highway.

Head of cattle
Acres (4,082 km²)


The land consists of substantial cattle grazing parts with flood areas running off ranges and water courses providing natural cattle country. Marginal areas are opening up as we progress water infrastructure and re-vegetation programs that are aligned with our innovation activities.

Land Type

  • 20% Open Spinifex country
  • 40% good mulga country
  • 35% flood-out open woodlands
  • 5% range country

Aileron produces highly palatable nutritious free range grasses, including mulga grass, mulga mitchell grass, button grass, oatgrass, woollybutt grass, woolly oat grass and spinifex to name a few. Buffel grass is widely distributed to complement native pastures and prolific herbages.

Our innovation projects look to continually invest in the land so that it is self-sustainable in the long term.

Aileron Pastoral Holdings (APH) is a member of the Northern Territory Cattleman’s Association (NTCA).

Innovation, Research & Development

Together with university and industry partners, we are involved in the development of self-sustaining microbial based technologies and sequencing for accelerated soil rehabilitation.

Since 2015, Aileron-based soil enrichment and seeding projects have been aimed at improving semi-arid and eroded areas of our station. Re-vegetation of semi-arid land traditionally takes up to 20 years, while our innovations in this area aim to shorten timeframes to less than 10 years.

Tailoring varieties of microbes for particular soil and environmental conditions to maximise vegetation outcomes is of particular interest to APH. With rainfall and harsh conditions influencing seed germination, our efforts are expected to take several seasons.