About Us

Caason Group

Aileron Pastoral Holdings Pty Ltd (APH) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Caason Group.

APH’s vision involves a commitment to supplying quality, nutritious, Central Australian beef to meet long term local and international demand.

While the cornerstone of our business is cattle, APH has a strategic growth plan incorporating cropping, feedlot, agistment and management of domesticated camel. The framework is based on achieving sustainable growth in cyclical markets. The major areas of the framework include:

  • Managing risk – associated with people, animal providence, funding, water security and weather
  • Best herd – establishing Aileron as a preferred supplier of Central Australian beef; Aileron Station is now in-conversion for organic certification via Southern Cross Certified under certification number 19060
  • Operating structure – incorporating best practice management systems around people, safety, finance and assets
  • Diversify – taking advantage of our water assets to improve herd, develop cropping and extending into value add businesses
  • New technology – introducing and developing new technologies to support operations

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Research & Development

Achieving the APH vision requires investment in effective and productive practices. APH is driving projects including:

  • Leveraging stock management technology – being able to monitor stock and maintain a comprehensive catalogue so customers can understand more about their purchase
  • Smart ear tags – through our partnership with Ceres Tag we are set to trial animal tracking for health and welfare
  • Investment in water infrastructure – in our arid environment water is critical for animal welfare; we have implemented water monitoring units and linked communication technology for remote areas to reduce reliance on human intervention in keeping water up to stock
  • Microbial carbon farming – we are working in partnership with Food Fibre and Land International Group (FFLI) to improve previously unproductive soils for cropping
  • Industrial hemp – following the Northern Territory’s hemp legislation passing, supported by our relationships with FFLIECS Botanics and Hemp Farms Australia we will conduct industrial hemp trials as the first step towards our goal of establishing industrial hemp and feed cropping